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          Zhejiang Fuga Valve Co., Ltd.
          Focus on valves
          Good quality and honest service

          about us 公司簡介

          The company's main professional manufacturer of forged steel fixed ball valves, cast steel fixed ball valves, metal hard seal ball valves, floating ball valves, American standard ball valves, etc.

          Zhejiang Fuga Valve Co., Ltd.
          The main products of Zhejiang Fujia Valve Co., Ltd. are fluorine-lined valves: ball valves, butterfly valves, discharge valves, gate valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, plug valves, etc.; and fluorine-lined pipe fittings: sight glasses, filters, pipe fittings, etc. And other conventional products. Non-standard products that meet customer needs can also be designed and customized according to customers' special working conditions.

          • Honor

          • Application

          • Company

          • After-sales service

          PRODUCTS 產品展示

          Our aim: to create high-quality goods and satisfy customers


          workshop 生產車間

          The company's main professional manufacturer of forged steel fixed ball valves, cast steel fixed ball valves, metal hard seal ball valves, floating ball valves, American standard ball valves, etc.

          • Production workshop

          • Production workshop

          • Production workshop

          • Production workshop

          • Production workshop


          We not only provide products, but also solve customer needs

          Focus on ball valve design concepts and technology to continuously surpass itself



          Intelligent control system with intelligent control system and saving manpower cost



          Made from selected materials for long-lasting durability and safety



          Complete use of CAD and CAPP advanced means and international standards for production and inspection


          Excellent price

          Source manufacturers produce cost-effective



          Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, steel, printing and dyeing, food and other equipment installation industry.



          Excellent combination of advanced design, manufacturing and process at home and abroad

          news 新聞動態

          For more information about Huaben Valve, please click here!

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